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April 26, 2006

Cost Per Minute

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Are CD’s a good value? bigpicture thinks not.

Screen Shots

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from Engadget:

Today the intrepid Mr. Fox manages to dig up an application by consumer-darling Apple for an LCD display embedded with thousands of microscopic image sensors that would allow users to video-conference while looking straight into the “camera.” Data accumulated by the individual sensors would be stitched into actual images using special software, which will probably be bundled into future versions of iLife. Since the patent specifies almost as many sensors per screen as there are pixels, some of those sensors could have different focal lengths, with a defacto zoom lens created by switching between them. Apple goes on to suggest portable uses for the technology, such as employing the displays in cellphones and PDAs, so you can add another item to the list of features we’ll be expecting from the iPhone and Newton 2.0 when they finally hit stores.


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I bought the DVD set of Firefly from Amazon a few weeks ago. I had seen the show a couple of months back and thought that it was worth owning. Erin hasn’t seen it yet and I talked her into watching the 2 hour premiere episode last night. She loved it! Now I get to take her through the whole 13 episode series and one theatrical movie.

I had forgotten just how dang much I enjoyed watching this show. What a titanic mistake Fox made canceling it after only one (very poorly managed) season. If they revived it I’m sure it would be one of the most highly rated shows that they could produce. It’s one of the few shows that would actually get me to want to have cable TV again. Yes, Katherine, I did just say that.

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