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May 1, 2006

Music to My Hands

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I’m almost done with the medicine chest for the guest bathroom. It’s going through the finishing stage (that is, I’m applying a dye/stain/shellac finish process). I took it up to the bathroom to hold in the spot to see what the final piece looked like, but I made the mistake of holding it up to the wall above the recently finished book case. It never did make it up to the bathroom. The asian inspired lines and quartersawn oak are a very nice contrast to the Arts and Crafts style of the book case. The new, er, wall cabinet also has contrasting maple doors, a mahogany accent panel, and simple ebony handles that echo the ebony accents of the larger piece. It turns out I was making a companion piece for the book case this whole time and didn’t know it.

It’s beautiful next to the book case (if I do say so myself) and as soon as it’s finished I’ll hang it and post some pictures. Guess this means I’ve got to go make a medicine chest now. I’d do it tonight, if it wasn’t at the end of the day.

Why We Haven’t Met Any Aliens

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Short answer? Because we’re all playing games. From the article:

Having real friends is so much more effort than watching Friends. Actually colonizing the galaxy would be so much harder than pretending to have done it when filming Star Wars or Serenity. The business of humanity has become entertainment, and entertainment is the business of feeding fake fitness cues to our brains.

There’s more of interest. Read the whole thing. I hope he’s not serious in his proposition, I don’t agree with him in spirit, at the end of the day.

Good News on Skin Cancer

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According to TheAge, scientists have used a gel derived from a common weed to cure a very common type of skin cancer in 2 days.
This is really good news, at the end of the day.

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