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May 3, 2006

The $10,000 Car Wash

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Yes, seriously. I wonder what they would do if I brought my battered old 1992 truck in for a cleaning. I didn’t even pay ten grand for the thing when it was new.


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Erin loves 24. Every Monday night she’ll adjust the rabbit ears on our low-tech TV (what a terrible husband I am), and catch the next episode. I’ve learned that it’s wise to find something very quiet to do on Monday nights when the show comes on. I mean, she loves the show. I tell you this so you’ll understand the full meaning of it when I repeat what she told me tonight. We had just finished watching the final episode of Firefly. She has now seen the entire 13 episode series that Fox abortively canceled in 2002. Upon watching the “That’s How It Was” making-of on the final DVD, Erin said “If I had to pick between 24 and Firefly, I’d choose Firefly”. You have no idea what this means. We unplugged our TV almost a year ago. I don’t miss TV. I just miss good tv. Sadly, the only place to find it is on DVD.

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