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May 4, 2006

Thank You

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Okay, Katherine inspired me to write my own. Pay it forward, and all that.

Dear printer cartridge repair guy,

Thank you for taking so much time with my old empty printer cartridge today. I know that you are a small business, and by the empty look of the store today, I don’t know if you get much work. I hope I’m wrong. After my experience with your service today, I don’t know how that could be. I went in there for a simple forty dollar refill of my laser toner cartridge (a new one was almost seventy bucks) and, after wrestling with it for an hour, you told me that the gears and springs on the inside of the plastic shell were broken. That’s why it leaked what little toner it had left onto my carpet when I took it out of the printer, and onto your counter when I brought it in. The pitiful thing was like a war victim being brought into a MASH unit. Can you fix him up, doc? We’ll do the best we can, son.

Things looked grim. I thought all was lost until you volunteered to completely rebuild the inside of the toner cartridge for me. You took another hour out of your day to muck around inside the plastic body and fix the little broken gears and springs, refilled it, and tested it out. Then you surprised me by not charging me anything extra. For almost two hours of your time I only paid $40 and got a perfect toner cart. You, sir, got a loyal customer in return.

If you’re in the Austin area and need toner or ink, I know just the place.

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