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May 9, 2006

Halo 3!

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I’m not an Xbox 360 fanboy or anything (Hey Sean, don’t you have an Xbox?), but this trailer for Halo 3 nearly had shouting loud enough to almost wake Erin up in the next room. I’ve played through the first two games and could never get the feel of it, but I applaud their success and many people love the game. I’m looking forward to playing the third.

Reportedly, Bungie showed this trailer at E3 yesterday to an uproarious crowd. If you have the bandwidth, I’d recommend taking the time to grab the high quality HD trailer. It’s worth it. I dare you not to cheer when it’s over.

What impresses me so much about the trailer is the masterful use of music. The composer hired a 60 piece orchestra and 24 voice choir… for a game trailer. Brings a tear to my eye, it does.

All Hail Halo.


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It’s a small thing to some people, but ever since I’ve worked at home I’ve always wanted a wood floor in my office/studio. I had the run of a spare room in our old place in Waco and when we built our current house five years ago, we went with the floorplan that had a nice sized landing upstairs that we walled off and converted into my studio. It still had carpet, though, and so for the last half-decade it’s felt very… unfinished. I haven’t even painted the walls yet since I’ve been too busy doing actual work to pause and tend to the environment.

But the last fifteen hundred days have brought a lot of decorating and it’s finally time to focus on “my” space. I’ve been slowly accumulating all of the pieces for the big upgrade over the last few months so when the time comes I’ll do all of the changes at once. This will keep the workspace downtime to a minimum and have the added benefit of changing everything at once. I hate it when you do one thing and then wait months to do the next step. By the time you’re done everything feels old already and you don’t feel like you accomplished anything. Not for me. This will be a one or two week rush where the room gets stripped to the bones and rebuilt completely. I can’t wait.

The wood floor? Bought it today. All 17 boxes. It’s going to look great. Got it for 10% off the sale price (!). I got the floor underlayment on closeout at 50% off a few weeks ago. Next I have to get new floor trim (or make it myself in the shop). I got window tint on sale a few months back. Once I decide on the paint colors (two different colors) I have to find new curtains that will match the place. Then I’ll pick out a ceiling fan and decide what I want to do about lights (can lights? track lighting? floor lamps?). Oh, and I’m still unsure if I want to go with a big beefy solid-core door (to block sound and for security). It’ll be a ton of work to convert this place, but it’ll look really great once it’s done.

Big Blue Marble

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Beautiful satellite pictures of Earth (thanks, Scott)

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