The Big Think

May 16, 2006


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Texas considers raising the speed limit to a “natural safe speed” of 75 or 80mph. We took a road trip to Nebraska and Colorado a few years ago. I remember driving for hours at a legal 75mph and letting it creep up to the 80mph that traffic was doing. I’m an excellent driver (only one ticket in 20 years and no accidents), and have great reflexes, but even so, I got very tired of being “on” at 80mph for hour after hour. I think 75 would be okay as an upper limit if people actually observed it (sheah, right!), but 80? I can’t see how that would really benefit us much. Besides, there’s a huge difference in the amount of fuel burned as you start to exceed 65mph (it’s a Big Oil conspiracy, I tells ya!).

I’m sounding pretty fuddy-duddy to myself here, I realize. I might feel different if the speeders only killed themselves on the road, instead of innocent, safe drivers. 80mph? No thanks.

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