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May 17, 2006

Actually, Nevermind

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Erin just reminded me that she doesn’t have an alternate email address yet. Whoops! Go ahead and keep writing her at her current one for the time being.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Tivo Time

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How are Tivo’s affecting the advertising industry? Ars Technica has an interesting article.

Goodbye Cable, Hello DSL

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After fighting the monthly fight over our sucky cable modem service, I’ve finally given up and decided to give DSL a try. (COX cable modems suck— there, I said it, so now Google with cache it and it’ll be searchable). I got off the phone with AT&T/BELLSOUTH/WHOEVERTHEYMERGEDWITHTHISWEEK a few days ago and the guy there was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. As befits a salesperson, I guess. The real proof will come when we first have problems. Anyway, he said to give the service a week to be connected and the modem ten days or so to arrive. Later that day we got a call saying that the order was in progress and we’d have the service turned on in a week. About 30 minutes later we got a call saying everything was ready! Wow, talk about giving yourselves a large window.

So today- a mere two days later- the box with the modem and other stuff comes in the mail. I have to rewire the outlet in my office to “hear” the other line. I switched the wiring about five years ago when we moved in so I could have an office line, then a year or so later cancelled the line and got it transferred to a cell phone. So I still have some basic wiring to do- hope I can remember what I did and undo it. After that, the modem should (!) be an easy install and we should be up and running.

I got Cox to give us a discounted rate for the next month. We’ll keep them both running simultaneously. If there is a problem with the DSL line we’ll cancel the service and keep Cox (oh, please, no). If not, I’ll have the extreme pleasure of calling Cox and telling them to cut us off. Can’t wait for that moment.

Incidentally, here’s how the old and new service compare:

Cox Communications:

price: $49.95/month (no cable tv bundle). Works out to $622/year after tax.
speed: 4mb down, 256mb up
current phone service: $30/month
internet down about 15% of the day each day of the last four
total internet/phone last year: $1003

price: $19.99
speed 1/5mb down, 512 up
new phone service (bundle): $35 after tax
hopefully reliable
total quoted cost per month is no more than $60 (I think it was $59 and change)
total/year going forward: $720

So we save $283 this year and have a much better calling plan (not that we’ll call long distance on the wired phones).

It’s not a lot of savings and it looks like we’re giving up 2.5mbps download speed by switching, but I have never… ever… gotten anywhere near that quoted 4mbps that Cox quoted me. DSL is guaranteed bandwidth and should be about on par with what we’re used to.

I’ll let you know how it goes. By the way, for friends and family, please stop writing us at our old addresses. For me, just use one of my other addresses (firstnamelastinitial at mac dot com will work for me). We’ll let you know about Erin’s soon. One thing we’re going to do for sure is to stop linking our emails to our service provider so that we can cancel service and go with a better option in the future without having to email all of our friends.

The Verdict Is In

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“I kept thinking of the Energizer Bunny, because it kept going and going and going, and not in a good way”

One especially melodramatic line uttered by Hanks drew prolonged laughter and some catcalls, and the audience continued to titter for much of the film’s remainder.

Some people walked out during the movie’s closing minutes, though there were fewer departures than many Cannes movies provoke among harsh critics. When the credits rolled, there were a few whistles and hisses, and there was none of the scattered applause even bad movies sometimes receive at Cannes.

Cannes Pans Da Vinci code.

Holographic Display

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One step closer to the holographic display. And it’s touch sensitive!

So you think a $1,000 toilet seat is expensive?

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How about a 3.5 million dollar Hammer?

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