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June 20, 2006

You Lite Up My Life

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Last week I went out and bought a new Nintendo DS Lite. What can I say? Erin had been talking about wanting to play the new Brain Age game, so I had no choice. I had to get it. Did I mention that I’m a great husband?

Erin is playing Brain Age downstairs right now. Her brain is a svelte 28 years old, while mine is a decrepit old 48. Now get off my lawn and turn that music down!

We really like the DS Lite. The old version always felt a bit plasticy and cheap to me. The new one looks like it was designed by Johnathan Ive. Beautiful Apple-white lines and clean controls. And the touch screen is very sensitive.

I got the game during opening week since it came with Brain Age and an accessory kit. It’s easy to slip the thing into your pocket for some mobile gaming, and the battery life is extreme. I’ve only charged the thing once in five days.

I bought a couple of other games (Ridge Racer and Tiger Woods PGA Tour). Both are fun and the graphics are great. At least as good as the PS1 and probably as good as some of the less graphically intense PS2s games. I’m really happy with it.

The next game I’d like to get: Mario Kart DS. I downloaded the demo from the Nintendo wireless station at GameStop the other day and Erin and I played the first level over and over (the download disappears when you power off). Those Nintendo guys are geniuses for letting you grab a demo this way. Totally hooked on Mario Kart and now I have to get it. Hmm… birthday is coming up in three months. Can I possibly wait that long?

Raise Up a Black and Tan

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And toast Giles‘ Happy Birthday.

Happy B-day to ya, bud.

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