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June 22, 2006

Message In A Bottle

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Amazing, and a little bit sad.

Good News Everyone!

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Fry is coming back! Dang, this makes me want to plug the TV back in! 🙂

And Speaking of Scale

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The relative scale of the planets (and some honkin’ big stars, too)

Pain the Head

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Good news for migraine sufferers. A new treatment.

We Are All Phantoms

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Sorry about the link list today. I just keep stumbling on cool stuff, like this. It’s an 11 mile webpage that shows the relative size and distances inside a hydrogen atom. Lots of empty space… lots.

Sing a Song

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Turns out music might make you smarter.

House of Games

Filed under: Games — jasony @ 3:08 pm

This is just so painfully true. These guys are just hilariously out of touch.

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