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August 1, 2006

A Teacher’s Revenge

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I have an education degree from Baylor University. I’m certified to teach K-12 in music/choral/band/orchestra/whatever. One of the reasons that I don’t teach is because of the ridiculous state of our schools, bad student discipline, and the increasing handcuffing that our teachers put up with when the state (or some recent lawsuit) scares teachers into backing off on discipline (give ’em the ruler across the knuckles, I say!). Anyway, I love what I do now so much more than being trapped in a small room with 50 kids all day.

I always laugh when I come across stories when the teacher wins a small victory. John Christian Hoyle’s, a teacher, tells this most satisfying story about putting a school bully in his place. Beautiful.


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TUAW has the skinny on the new Apple 1984 ad that is being recreated in a Lego set! Complete with a backlit movie screen (and screaming head, apparently- it’s Byad Man!)

There are only 100 of these custom made kits available and they’re selling for $198.99 each. That guy is going to make a killing on these things and they’ll probably sell out in a few minutes.

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