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August 16, 2006


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I guess the penalty for a vacation is housework. We got home to a disaster of a lawn (it’s been dying for months as a result of some strange grassy disease that the ATT people spread around the neighborhood with their tools…. seriously. Most houses on our street have some variation of it). Not only was this disheartening, but we got a letter from the homeowner’s association telling us we need to re-sod our lawn. I sent them back a nice note telling them I’ll gladly do it when I can be sure the new grass won’t face the same fate.

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time flaunting the watering restrictions lately trying to get our grass back in shape. So far it’s only prolonged the agony. Now instead of dead grass, we’ve got a yard of pitifully dying brown stuff begging to be put out of its misery.

To top it off, I went to the freezer tonight and discovered that it wasn’t working. What should be a nice crisp 0-degree compartment is a balmy 30 degrees… and rising. Oh well, we’ll eat the chicken soon. Luckily, the freezer is still about 2 months inside of its five year warranty. If I can only find the receipt. In the attic. In one of several boxes… on heat-sensitive paper. Uh-oh.

Tomorrow, I anticipate that my car won’t start and the fish will die. Stay tuned.


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