The Big Think

August 26, 2006

Sound Man

Filed under: Audio — jasony @ 9:54 pm

Another great day as a sound/boom man today. 14 hours, but with a fantastic crew, a great director, and a funny story (in a beautiful house, no less). They went Cadillac with the equipment list and I got to work with some truly high-end stuff (it may not look like much, but that little beauty is two thousand dollars. The wireless mics (2) that came with it were three grand. Each). This is all pro-est of the pro and worth it for when you’re bashing around a set. All together, I had about 10K in audio gear hanging around my neck all day. And we got great sound.

It’s so nice when the director gets it. Excuse me while I go and replenish the five gallons of fluid I lost today in the hot texas sun.

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