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October 2, 2006


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TV on DVD rules! We obtained (borrowed) the Lost Season 2 DVD set and are already three episodes in. So much better to watch it compressed this way than at the feckless whim of the networks.

Typical AT&T

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Three months ago when we decided to switch to DSL (from the excreble Cox Communications), the salesperson made a bid deal out of the fact that we’d get three free months of service after our first three months. What they don’t tell you is that you have to remember to call them and remind them of their promise, and then jump through a bunch of hoops if they didn’t notate it on their end. What a pain. So basically because they failed to do something on their end three months ago (mail a simple coupon so we could send our proof of service back in), we’re going to have to wait an additional 3 months for our rebate.

I wouldn’t be frustrated about it (stuff happens, and customers get shafted all the time when you’re a megacorp), but one of my friends had massive hassles with AT&T about a year ago. I was hoping (and still hope) that we won’t be caught up in it.

Oh, and for the googlebots: “AT&T Sucks”. If you’re reading this in a cache somewhere, be warned.

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