The Big Think

October 10, 2006

Called on Account of Rain

Filed under: Audio — jasony @ 7:31 am

Well, bother. I woke at 6am all ready to have a day crammed to the hilt with work (I’m a little behind on my incredibly ahead schedule). Rain. Lots of it. So I rolled back over to nap until it went away, then I could get up and hit the wet day running. The only problem was that it didn’t go away. Instead, I got this (page will eventually update and make this post irrelevant).

Why not work when it thunders, you ask? Because, even with all of my equipment plugged into very expensive UPS’s and surge protectors, I’m still skittish about using it when the angels are bowling directly overhead. One bad bolt and my entire livelihood goes up in crackling smoke. Heck, if one single part of my studio got blasted (not that lightning would be so discerning) I’d be in for a week of irritating, work-stopping delays. When the fireworks start I make it a point to take a rain delay. Guess today is one of those where I sit waiting for the otherwise much-loved rain to pass us by.

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