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October 14, 2006

Now That’s My Kind of Garage Sale

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Erin and I got up at the unholy hour of 7am (well, I had been up for 4 hours already, but that’s another story) and went to REI’s annual garage sale. They sell all kinds of stuff there. It’s mostly returns that they can’t re-shelve (GPS’s that don’t work, or watches with busted bands, or shoes… LOTS of shoes, that got returned). There were about 100 people in line in front of us and they let us in 25 or so at a time. By the time Erin and I got in we thought all the good stuff would have been taken, but there was still a lot left over. I have been needing new shoes and my personal preference has always been hiking boots. Also, we’ve been wanting to get Erin some hiking boot to go with the rest of our backpacking kit. We both got a pair (very, very lightly used… almost indistinguishable from out of the box new) but Erin scored the best deal by far (that’s an understatement). We had been hoping for a so-so middle of the road pair for around $75, but she managed to find this pair for only $50 (normally $180). I got a $160 pair of not all-leather boots for $50 as well.

Oh, and I also got a pair of really comfy slip-on Merril hiking shoes (normally $80) for only…. $1.83.

The best part (well, next to the shoes at those incredible prices) was that the teeming mass of humanity was really cool and didn’t consume itself while we plowed through the piles of stuff. There was quite a bit of esprit de corps with folks keeping an eye out for the sizes of the stranger next to them, pointing out where they’d seen things you mentioned wanting, etc. It was a really great time.

REI has the sale once or twice a year, whenever their warehouses fill up with stuff they can’t sell. You have to be a member to get in (a one-time fee of $10), but it’s totally worth it.

We now have two complete sets of all camping gear (packs, bags, pads, etc) and can pick up and go at a moment’s notice. Joy! As soon as it cools down to where we can use our uber warm bags we’re going to hoof it over to Enchanted Rock for a few nights.

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