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October 26, 2006


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I have a studio full of midi modules. All told, I probably have 4000 sounds at my fingertips. Unfortunately, most of the equipment is circa 1995. The tech was good for its day, but I can still tell that the instruments aren’t real.

Sampling/playback technology has gotten MUCH better in the last decade. Witness this. What’s most amazing is that these samples are all played back on the host computer (not on an external, midi-triggered keyboard or sound module). Theoretically, all you need is a fast laptop and a USB midi keyboard and you could do all the recording on the road. With a $3000 investment I could get rid of my studio and 10 sound modules entirely. Actually, that’s kind of depressing.

Still, I want this sound library so much it’s embarrassing. No can do, however, until I update the rest of my studio.

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