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November 14, 2006


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I will never, ever, buy a Zune. This looks like hell on earth for computer users. I mean, seriously…. why? Why does the software suck so badly? Why does MS make you jump through so many unnecessary hoops? Why is it so hideously ugly?

Why does the PC world put up with this junk?

You know what I did to get my iPod working on my Mac? I plugged it in.

No registration required.
No installation (iTunes comes preinstalled).
No “create an iPod tag” nonsense.
No “can’t find the device”.
No repeatable, consistent lockups or crashes.
No limitations on what I can or can’t install.
Oh, and I can do what I want with my music- no getting permission from the mothership.

I think if I ever see someone with a Zune walking around I’ll laugh in their face. Then I’ll try and knock some sense into them with their own poo brown Zune.

It’ll probably just break it.


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