The Big Think

November 29, 2006


Filed under: Hobbies — jasony @ 6:28 pm

I posted a link to an article a few months ago about the guy who built a 1:3 scale Ferrari 312PB in his garage shop, but I just have to revisit this. I found a link to a 4:25 video of the builder and his creation. You have to watch this. The best part of the video was around 3:30 when the interviewer asks him about the car and giggles in disbelief at the sheer audacious amazingness of his creation.

After seeing (and hearing!) the fruit of his 15 years of labor I’m gobsmacked. Give this guy a Maker of the Year award. I wish Ferrari would offer to buy the car from him, or better yet, give him a full-scale version in trade.

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