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February 22, 2007

Yes! I’m Still Here!

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Sorry for the long drought. I’m in the middle of Sing again so I can’t really post much. I will, however, give you a small peek into the experience by linking to Barry’s post.

Everyone up here is sick, and I mean everyone. Well, almost. It’s still statistically possible to be among the healthy, but not if you have any meaningful contact with another member of humanity. I’ve heard of seven people who have been hospitalized with type A flu (that’s the kind that is really anal about getting stuff done, I guess). And that’s just today. It’s actually kind of frightening. I led a rehearsal for a group of 80 people tonight. The leaders told them that they had to come unless they were throwing up. Do you know how many weren’t there? Thirty. At least half of some of the groups are down with something or other.

I don’t know how I’ve avoided it (and I’m not sure I’ll get out unscathed). I have washed my hands more in the last ten days than I have in the previous fifty, I’m sure, and I’ve gone through half of a large bottle of Purell. It’s interesting to see how the Plague has affected our interactions. Nobody here shakes hands any more. By unspoken agreement we all began adopting the “fist bump” sort of greeting where you both make a fist and knock knuckles gently. When the sickness has run its course and the last vestiges of humanity are wandering the empty streets, we’ll all recognize each other by the bruised knuckles. I haven’t sat down next to someone closer than three feet in days. Weird. As a survival mechanism, it seems to be working. I just really pity the poor performers who are singing and dancing with the flu. Yuck. You can do anything for seven minutes, I guess.

Side note: I’m not a germophobe (which looks like somebody afraid of Germans), but when every other person around you looks like warmed over death, you start to think seriously about keeping healthy. Barry had it last week and we traded the piano position every seven minutes for three nights (15 hours of performances!). I didn’t get it only because we were both swimming in lavendar Purell. I hate lavendar Purell now.

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