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March 3, 2007

Extreme Plumbing

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Jamie Hyneman has some sage words about high pressure plumbing. And blowing stuff up.

Door Trouble

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I got the west wall of the vocal booth built today. I also went to Lowes to pick up the doors I bought a few days ago. Whoops! I got the wrong size. Turns out I need 30″ for the main studio door and 24″ for the vocal booth. Both solid core, which proves a problem as the only commonly available solid core doors start at 32″ (which is what I mistakenly got). I’ve got to call around tomorrow to try and find smaller solid core doors, prehung with weather sealing. Hope I can come up with some. I’m sure they’re available since others on the interweb get them for similar installations. I just hope they’re not too expensive.

The booth is coming together nicely. I built the wall today in situ, which was much easier than measuring, building on the floor, and then tilting it up and hoping it fits. I want to get the door before I build the walls since this will let me size the booth better and I’ll be able to build the walls around the door.

While I figure out what to do with the door I’ll start hanging sheetrock on the other walls as well as designing/building my window seal. I’m building my own version of these. I had a hacked together version for the window next to the bed and I was amazed at how well it worked.

Erin pointed out that any one of the projects for this build is a major undertaking. Hanging doors, cutting and installing windows in steel door, building window overlays, sheetrocking, desk/console construction, etc. I’m doing them all at once, which adds considerably to the complexity (and frustration). I’m hoping dearly that I don’t lose patience or motivation as the project rolls along. I have to get the studio back up and running so I can get back to work!

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