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March 20, 2007

Yeah, Yeah, I Know…

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So I start this crazy burst of remodelblogging and then go leave it dormant for almost two weeks? What’s up with that? Well, it’s called Our Tenth Anniversary. And if you think sitting here spouting witticisms about sheetrock and framing is going to beat out a ten day trip to Sonoma and Napa, California (not to mention a stunning side trip to see Endor), you’re sorely mistaken.

Erin and I celebrated our decade of matrimony by taking a little jaunt to wine country. She’d never been to California (a San Jose airport layover doesn’t count) and I wanted to see what’s become of the place since I moved away 27 years ago. There’s only so much you remember as a 10-year-old. We went to San Francisco, Pleasanton (the hometown- no kidding, it has its own Wiki page!), Napa, Sonoma, and Sequoia National Park (in the same part of the state where they filmed “Return of the Jedi”). It was a superlative vacation and a great way to spend our 3650th day. Okay, that’s not official until April 5th, but Spring Break was too convenient.

We did the Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf thing in S.F., met the world’s surliest public transit drivers on the muni, stumbled upon the San Fran Apple Store with its great glass staircase. Payed waaay too much for parking downtown, had the Drive from Hell trying to find somewhere to eat with Erin’s cousin Seta (who was in town for a conference. We drove randomly around and were never lost, but ended up covering… I kid you not… 100 miles that night). Best of all, we were able to tour my childhood home of Pleasanton, see my elementary school, the house I grew up in (1960’s vintage, 1700 sq feet and over $700,000! It’s appreciated by 100K in the last couple of years alone), and discover a cool coffee shop downtown that ended up getting a lot of our business. Oh, and one of the best italian places we’ve ever eaten.

After a few days in Pleasanton/San Fran, we trekked 5 hours southeast to the Sequoia National Forest. Home of the Giant Trees. Pictures don’t really do them justice. These two thousand year old monsters are almost 300 feet tall and over 100 feet in circumference. You look and feel really small when you stand at the base of one. We spent a wonderful 2 nights in Sequoia up in the snow and far away from the city. After that, we drove back north for 7 long hours and gratefully checked into our hotel in Sonoma. The next day we did the wine tasting thing in Napa Valley, which was nice, but Napa is way too touri$ty for us. We passed up quite a few $20 wine tastings, and had our fill of pretentiousness. The next day we went through Sonoma and Healdsburg and saw a much more laid back bunch of folks. All told we went to 10 wine tastings in 3 days (*hic!*). We also came home with 13 bottles of grog that miraculously survived the flight.

So much more to tell, but that’s the synopsis. Almost 500 pictures- so many that we had to stop and buy more “film” halfway through our trip (in the form of a 512mb card for the Canon S200). Some incredibly beautiful country, great company, and a wonderful way to celebrate our first ten years together. What will we do for our 20th? Stay tuned…

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