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March 29, 2007

Studio Construction

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Still at it. You know how they say that the human body is composed of 70% water (or something like that)? That percentage of my body has now been replaced with gypsum. I’m STILL hanging sheetrock. I once witnessed one guy cover the entire downstairs of a medium sized house by himself in one day. Today I put up four sheets. In seven hours. Granted, they were very weirdly shaped and at odd angles, but still! At this rate I won’t be done until we move.
Oh, it’s not actually that bad, really. I only have to re-cover the inside of the booth with 1/2″ rock (over the 5/8″ I put up last week), then I get to mud and tape, which will be infinitely better than lugging 70 pound sheets up the stairs and getting covered in dust. That is, it’ll be better until I start complaining about getting all dirty from the mud. It’s always something with me.
It’s really coming together nicely. I got the curved part of the cutout in (after FOUR tries!) and only have 4 more pieces of drywall to lug. Might have a friend come over to help paint this weekend if she’s willing.
I told Erin that it’s starting to feel like a real space. I had only “seen” it as a virtual mockup in Sketchup, but now when I stand in the studio I can tell how the space will feel and how I’ll relate to it. I know, that sounds weird, but we all relate to our workspace, whether it’s working under a car hood, sitting in a cubicle (shudder), or staring at a wall at our desks. Our surroundings contribute mightily to how we approach work. I’ve spent dozens of hours analyzing how I work and what stipulations I’m under and have tried to come up with a design that can fulfill my needs. I think (hope!) this is the one. It’s neat to walk around in it as it takes shape.

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