The Big Think

April 4, 2007

Studio Construction

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The Big Time: today I painted the room. I had thought that I had just the right colors for the walls and ceiling, but after 11 hours of painting (have I mentioned that I’m slow?) I stood back and went “meh”. It’s not right, and I simply won’t put this much work into it and settle for just okay. It’s back to the drawing board on the colors and a repaint tomorrow.

Actually, it’s not so bad as all that. The ceiling and main color are great, but the accent walls don’t quite work, so I only have to find one color and repaint two walls. Still, color combinations are one of the most frustrating parts of home decorating to me because I just don’t have an artists eye. If I could paint with sound, maybe, then yes. But getting the color matching just right is something that’s always eluded me. It’s very annoying.

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