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April 6, 2007

Design Failure

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The Inbox of Nardo Pace, the Empire’s Worst Engineer.. Don’t read unless you’re a complete geek. I read it.

Off With Their Heads!

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Erin and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary tonight with a sumptuous dinner at Outback Steakhouse (thanks, Ross!). Afterward we went over to the game store (Sean! Round Rock has a Dragon’s Lair game store!) and I picked up a copy of “Guillotine“, a very fun and easy to learn card game that I was introduced to at Sean’s game night a few months ago. Can’t wait to play a few rounds.

Danny Boy

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The Definitive Version.
Why isn’t this show still on? 🙂

Studio Construction

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Color, Part Two.
I decided that I didn’t really like the main color after all (too “boudoirish”, if that’s a word), so I went back to Lowes and picked out a sample of two other colors to try again.

Today I also hung the doors and I’m VERY happy to announce that I got them flush and plumb. They also seal with a very satisfying “psssshh”. Okay, not really, but there’s no light at the door seals and for that I’m very happy.

Gonna go test the paint samples now.

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