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April 9, 2007


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Johnny Hart, the artist behind the B.C. comic strip, died of a stroke while at his storyboard. He had been drawing B.C. since 1958.

Studio Construction

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Color My World.

If I had known at the outset that the final color scheme of my studio would look like this I would have been very afraid. But I’m happy to say that after a week of trial and error with different colors, I have finally decided on a color scheme that’s very unusual and very cool. It also blends in nicely with the rest of the house. It was only because I wasn’t 100% happy with the original paint scheme that I went down this road and I’m thrilled that I took the plunge.

In a nutshell, I didn’t like the original two color idea. There’s a third color on the ceiling but it’s so subtle that it might as well be just called “off white”. I decided to go ahead and add a third wall color to the mix. Once I got that up I realized that two of the colors fought with each other a bit. What looks fine on a small paint chip in the store can look different on a 16×9′ wall under sunlight. So I went on a wild tear and, much to Erin’s surprise, decided to fix the problem by adding a fourth color. The final result is that, counting the ceiling, there will be five distinct colors in the room.

It’s spectacular!

Each wall is a different color (really!) but they all work together so well that there is a great sense of harmony in the space. It’s perfect! Well, it’s almost perfect. I decided that one of the colors (ironically, the original one I picked for the room) is just barely too bold so I’m going back to get one that’s slightly more “dusty” looking. What’s the color scheme? Think southwest meets earth tone. I know that many of you are probably reading this while shaking your head and thinking that it just has to look awful, but trust me. It’s great. It looks fantastic with the small area rug that I’ve chosen, it will set off the black studio furniture (and eventual leather couch) very nicely, and will be an energizing and professional environment to work in. I just can not wait to get in there.

I told myself that I wouldn’t settle on the paint until it was just right but I got very frustrated (and a little scared) when I kept having to go back to Lowes to get more paint. At $28/gallon it can add up very quickly (as usual, I got the nice thick stuff that’ll last). Plus, it takes forever to cut in around the corners and get the edges perfect. But it was so worth it.

I’m really happy with how it looks and can’t wait to get the wood floor, curtains, and other stuff in. The final color scheme is kind of, sort of, almost close to this (which, by the way, would look fantastic on the wall):


Tomorrow I have to go get the oil based paint for the crown moulding and doors/door trim. Then the last thing I need to get is some sort of low profile light for the booth. Hopefully I’ll be able to start installing the floor (the final step in this whole rebuild) next weekend. We’ll see about that.

I got a little discouraged earlier today because the studio remodel is taking so much more time than I had originally anticipated. I thought the whole build would be a three week project but I’m now starting week seven and anticipate two more weeks until I’m moved back in. This project has stretched my knowledge and abilities past anything I’ve ever done before and I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve also had to pause at least once a day to ask how do I do that? Off to Google or Lowes or Home Depot for the answer! I was venting a bit at Erin today that it seems like every single day working on this project is a set of compromises, or a creative decision point, or another trip to the hardware store. I’m not just building a wall, or sheet rocking over studs, or painting, or wiring, but at each point I am having to make a creative decision about how I want something to look when it’s done. Because the final look of the room is so dependent on decisions I make now, and because I’m so unwilling for it to be just “good enough”, I frequently pause and think through the repercussions of each decision. I know that the final result will be worth it, but I have hit a point where the constant grind of it has worn me down. Can’t stop, though, because I have to get through it and finish before I can go back to work.

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