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April 11, 2007

Katherine Coble

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Katherine has been Instalanched. She’s been served as a result of a post she wrote about her experiences with JL Kirk and Associates.

About a week ago she described what happened in a meeting with a JL Kirk and Associates headhunter. She had a bad experience and blogged about it. Her account of the experience was fair and factual (in fact, she went way out of her way to make it as truthful as possible). When the lady who interviewed her got wind of it, she posted a paranoid and ill conceived public comment on Katherine’s own website. Katherine lifted the comment to the main page (i.e., she pulled it from the obscure comments section and made it a full-blow post), but she didn’t add or append anything; she just left it as it was posted. Later, she went back in and footnoted specific passages and then annotated them with her corrections.

Today, Katherine got served a notice that she has to remove the entire post (and all subsequent posts and comments) or she would be sued for libel. How stupid is that? Somebody has a bad experience with a company and complains about it. The company issues a public (and crazy-making) rant, then the company sues to removed the whole thing from the public memory (haven’t they ever heard of the Google Cache?). This just stinks. Want more? The company rep disclosed private information about the Coble’s in her public comment on Katherine’s blog. Lame, lame lame.

What’s really bad for JL Kirk and Associates is that the whole thing would have been over if they had just let it be. By threatening Katherine with a lawsuit they’ve set themselves up as a techno-illiterate bunch of bullies. This whole mess has gotten JL Kirk and Associates some very negative, and very public attention. Not good if you’re a company who is listed multiple times in the online ripoff report.

JL Kirk and Associates is out of their depth. Katherine had the right to complain and they know it. Don’t try to scare her into silence with threats of a lawsuit.

More bad press for JL Kirk here and here.

UPDATE: Wow, this thing is getting some traction. SayUncle has this to say (apologies for the blue language- it’s not me, mom!)

Kinda funny. But this story just took off on the blogs and scored an instalanche. Now, anyone researching JL Kirk on the web will find out about it. They’ve probably done more damage with this than her original post did. In other news, don’t send bloggers stuff that makes you look like an asshat. They tend to blog about it.

Behold the awesome power of Al Gore’s Internets.

Looking forward to seeing JL Kirk crying uncle as everyone piles on.

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