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April 12, 2007

Shoot Yourself in the Foot Day

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Bill Hobbs writes:

Coble got the demand letter because King & Ballow and JL Kirk Associates perceived her to be a weak opponent who would easily cave. What they failed to understand is that behind every blogger stands an army of more than 71 million bloggers, a tribe that is growing fast, a tribe that includes many lawyers and legal experts and media experts in its ranks – and roughly 71 million or so passionate believers in freedom of speech.

And the tribe react to attacks lightning-quick. The threat made against Katherine Coble is seen by the tribe as a threat against every blogger, and when that threat is based on false claims of libel, well, them’s fighting words.

By sending that demand letter to Katherine Coble, King & Ballow did more damage to JL Kirk Associates’ reputation than Coble’s blog post ever did – and JL Kirk Associates paid them to do it.

much more here. Excellent writing from that there guy.

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