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April 13, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense

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I’ve seen a lot of little flash games online. Most of them are interesting for about 30 seconds. Desktop Tower Defense, however, is threatening to suck my time away. Don’t go here unless you want to spend an hour. Too much fun.

And the World Will Beat a Path to MakerFaire

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to see your life-sized mousetrap game!

Studio Construction

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The trim and crown moulding is all painted. I started applying the door trim today. I installed one side then used expanding foam to fill the gap between the doorframe and the rough opening. Once the foam dried (MAN, they don’t call that stuff “EXPAAAANNNNNDDIIIINNNNNGGG” for nothing!) I installed the other side of the trim. I had some work to do on the inside of the booth since the framed walls are 2×6 and the door is for a 2×4 wall. I had to build out a little bracing system on the inside to make up the difference, and getting it trimmed out nicely is proving to be difficult.

Great news on the booth. Now that the door is hung and foamed with trim on the outside, I can go in the booth and shut the door and see…. nothing. It’s totally black except for some very very tiny points of light around the seal. These will be taken care of by the secondary door seal I’m going to make later. The door offers some resistance when you close it because of the cushion of air on the inside of the booth. It’s that tight! I’m really happy about the fit. The room is almost airtight (note to self: open door occasionally so the talent doesn’t suffocate). The attenuation is dramatic. When you’re in the booth you can still barely hear sounds from the studio (I turned on the radio to test it), but all of the high frequencies down to about 400khz are completely gone. Only the deepest sounds get through (longest wavelength), and these are severely attenuated. Yay!I don’t even have the flooring or the wall treatments in there yet. It’s gonna be great.

I’m really losing steam, though. I’ve found that as I get closer to the end my ability to work for 10 hours on the project has diminished. I have a million little tiny things to do that require waiting. Fill the nail holes, wait for the putty to dry, caulk, wait for the caulk to dry, paint over the caulked and puttied holes. Wait for the paint to dry. Foam gaps, wait for the foam to dry. Final trim is what gives a place that little zing and hides all the rough construction edges with a neat line, but it takes forever.

Time to go upstairs and hang the crown moulding.

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