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April 17, 2007

Studio Remodel

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I feel like I’m in the home stretch here. Caulked the crown and painted the door (one side as a test. Verdict: not so good. I need to borrow a sprayer. I also installed the ceiling fan and was almost done when I realized that the main mounting holes for the motor were STRIPPED. AARGH! So instead of dismantling the whole thing and taking it back I got all inspired and went to Home Depot to buy a tool I’ve always wanted but never had a reason to buy: a tap. I got a #10 tap bit with a manual handle for less than ten bucks. Came home and retapped the #8 holes with #10 threads and it worked! Satisfied grunting ensued.

I then took a couple of hours to install a couple of X10 switches for the fan and it’s all good. They’re programmed with the right codes. Once the studio is together the lights and fan will come on automatically when the you enter the room. Happiness.

Tomorrow I have to do a minor correction to the attic hole and install the trim around the opening. Then I’ll work on the main light switch box that has 4 switches. Not sure how that’s going to work.

Cat Not Included

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Do-It-Yourself at-home quantum mechanics.

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