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April 18, 2007


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I have used computer software to file my takes for well over a decade, but this is the main reason I still don’t trust those e-file systems. A bit of printer paper and $2.40 to send it registered and I’m good, thanks.

Studio Construction

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Kind of a light day today. I’ve been getting dirty and paint-covered every day for a couple of weeks so I scaled back today. I did manage to get the 4-gang light switch box completely wired. All six switches are now wired up. There are 3 X-10 controllable Switchlinc Relay switches and 3 Switchlinc Dimmable switches. Each has a nice status LED light and the dimmable ones allow you to set the ramp rate. The dimmed lights brighten quickly in about a second. The glass lampshades on the sconce lights are on but I still have to tweak the direction of the 4 track light fixtures.

All told the lights make a very nice environment, and the fan is MOST excellent.


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Grrr… the Robomower was out back doing its thing when it suddenly stopped. The base station started beeping and I went out to see a “wire cut” light flashing on the unit. Dang. Somehow, in the middle of the mowing cycle (convenient, that), the wire decided to go wonky somewhere along its length. Its 300 foot buried length. So now I have to either dig up the wire or lay a new one. What a pain. Back to the old mower for a few weeks until the studio is done.

Technology saves time? Sometimes I think it does, but then it banks it and demands all your time back at a later date (see: reformatting hard drives, fixing dishwashers, et. al.)


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The new Cirrus third generation SR22-GTS is out. Drool.

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