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April 23, 2007

Studio Contruction

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Finished the trim around the attic access window today. I also cut out the sheet rock on the side of the vocal booth and built the window frame for the double paned vocal booth window. It’s made from MDF and is very nice. There’s a 1/4″ gap running the entire inner circumference of the frame so the two halves of the frame stay isolated. After that was done I cut and installed the trim around the outside of the window.

Tomorrow I’ll go and get the two panes of 1/4″ glass that will be the booth windows and start milling up the oak for the glass suspension system. I have to figure out a way to isolate both of the panes of glass while sealing off the inner space from air penetration. I also have to decide how I’m going to make one of the windows removable (in case a friendly spider or bug gets between the panes) while still maintaining the integrity of the window.

If I’m lucky I may get to cut and install the lower ledge to the main cutout on the computer wall. I bought a piece of 3/4″ MDF today and I’m using that for all this final trim stuff. If I have enough it’ll even serve as the raw material for the instrument rack I’m going to build. I’ve been pondering how to clean the wood floor once it’s in and happened across a laminate cleaning kit at Home Depot on closeout for only $15. The wood floor will take a few good cleanings until the construction dust settles down. I’ve noticed distinct footprints on the wood from the sheetrock dust that’s everywhere whenever I lay a few pieces out to get a sense of how the place will look.

Once all of the trim work and window contruction is done I’ll put a final coat of oil paint on the trim and window frame and then figure out a way to spray the doors. Then the floor goes in. I hope and pray I’ll be ready for the floor by this weekend.

Incidentally, I’m typing this post while using my brand spanking new 22″ Dell E228WFP flat panel monitor. Part of the equipment upgrade part of the remodel is a pair of 22″ flat panels. I thought I’d get one now and see how I like it. Verdict: it’s great! Bright and clear with great color and loads of room. I liken it to sleeping in a king sized bed after years of sharing a queen. There’s lots more space to roam around in, and the extra widescreeniness is oh-so-beautiful. It uses MUCH less electricity (I calculated that it’ll pay for itself in about 6 years through electrical savings alone!) and it’s totally quiet – the old CRT had that annoying high pitch whine. Plus the old monitor was boiler room HOT. It put out enough heat to warm up the area around my desk. This new baby will be a most welcome addition. I plan on getting a VESA arm (they’re on sale over here) and mounting it on the wall once my desk is in place.

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