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April 25, 2007

Studio Construction

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The window is going in! Today I picked up the two sheets of quarter inch glass for the booth window. Even though they were relatively small (16×27), 1/4″ thick glass is heavy. I secured it in the back of my truck on the carpet kit just to make sure it didn’t slide around. The fit is perfect. Well, okay, not perfect. My window opening is askew by about 1/8″ over the height of the window, so I measured my glass to be 1/8″ shy in that dimension. It’ll be a nice fit once the weather stripping and silicone is installed.
I spent the rest of the day installing and priming the inside guides for the glass. Just picture a frame all around the inside of the opening. This frame has weather stripping running the side all around its circumference that the glass rests against. Install the glass leaning up against the rubber seals (with a bead of silicone to bed it to the frame itself). Now reverse the process for the other side. I’ll build a whole separate wood and rubber seal system and squish the glass up against the first system. Now make two of them and you have two windows separated by 3 1/8″ of empty space.

But wait! What to do with the empty space between the windows? There’s a small crack running the circumference where the gap between the inner and outer walls is. If I leave this untreated you’ll be able to see the gap between the windows, and there’s no guarantee that a small spider or something won’t take up residence between the panes. So I’ll install rubber weather seals in the 1/4″ gap. And then I have to treat the gap to make it look nice. So today I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some nice fabric that more or less matches the alkyd paint that I’m doing all the trim in. I cut some 1/2″ plywood to match the gap and wrapped it in blackout material and the new off white fabric (the white blackout material had to go on first because the white fabric is so thin and you’d be able to see the plywood through it). Before I wrapped the plywood trim pieces up, though, I cut 2″ holes 3/8″ deep in the plywood. These holes will be under the fabric on the inside facing surfaces of the window. What are they for? Why, for the dessicant, of course! Have you ever seen those little packets that say “DO NOT EAT” and come with all your electronic stuff? Those packets are full of a moisture absorbing material. Since the space between the windows will be so well sealed (airtight, I’m hoping), any moisture that gets in there could cause the inner surface of the windows to fog over. So I hid ten packets of dessicant underneath the fabric. This old studio trick will hopefully keep any fogging away. I’ll just be sure to clean the inner surface of the windows EXTRA well before I install them. Once the glass goes up there’s no removing it without tearing the window frame away.

Finally, I did some touch up painting and put a coat on the cutout sill. I also painted the main door frame and touched up some nail holes. I added some thinner to the rapidly diminishing supply of trim paint so now it’s not all goopy. I hope I have enough to paint the doors and finish everything!

Tomorrow I’ll install the window gap seals and inner trim and start the glass installation. It’ll be a few days until the paint on the door frames is dry so I’ll have to step lively and watch where I lean.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that while I was at Hobby Lobby I came across a black-laquer-painted giant word “CREATE”. It’s made from wood and is about 5″ tall by 15″ long. For only ten bucks, I figured it’d go great in my studio (it was on sale for $5!). It really fits the whole “I made this” vibe I have for that space. Very nice.

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