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April 26, 2007

Studio Construction

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I don’t believe anyone actually reads these. (there, I just said that to Erin and I’m writing here for posterity. laughing all the while).

So today was Finish The Window Day, and man, is it finished. Two days ago I got the inside window casing installed, then I painted them with the oil-based paint. It was mostly dried today so I went ahead and installed the middle fabric-covered pieces (with the dessicant). I aaaalmost put a small plastic lizard model between the panes of glass, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Once those pieces of glass are in place, nothing short of a complete tear down of one side of the window assembly will open up the space. By necessity, the window has to be pretty firmly anchored in place. I hope that the booth doesn’t shift much or there will be shards of glass on my floor. (crossing fingers). There’s about 1/8th of an inch of play around the glass (1/16 per side), but with all the caulk, silicone, and the firm pressure of the weather seal I hope the 1/4″ glass can take it. It’s pretty thick so I think I’m okay.

The outside glass went into place without a hitch (Erin holding while I hit the edges with silicone), then I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned both sides to within an inch of their lives. Again, you can’t get to the inside of the glass once it’s all closed up. That glass pane is ridiculously clean. Not a speck of dust, oil, or smudge on either side.

I then installed the other side (with another OCD-worthy cleaning) and nailed the outer trim pieces in place. I decided that it was too difficult to screw the trim in place and make the inside accessible what with the thinness of the trim pieces, so I’m well and truly committed. Maybe if I had had an extra set of hands. After all was installed I filled nail holes and hit the outer trim with final paint. It looks great! I challenge any professional window to do the job better.

So now the window is complete and, man, is that thing solid and sealed! There’s weather stripping, silicone, and caulk on all four mating surfaces and I feel quite confident that the air in there isn’t going anywhere.

Did a final full cleanup of the plywood floor and took the trash out. I also got most of the tools out of the way because… it’s floor time! I have to make the attic door, sew the curtains, and apply the window tinting, but all that can happen after the floor is in (lots of dust in the air when I cut the floor).

Taking the next couple days off but Sunday I’ll start putting that dang floor in. I estimate three days for the floor and trim and another day for the curtains.

The end is nigh!

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