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May 3, 2007

Studio Construction

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Yankee Ingenuity!

I had to restretch the carpet in the entry to my studio (in front of the new solid core door) so I called the tool rental place for a knee kicker. They wanted $15 for a one day rental! Unfortunately, they wouldn’t rent it out for a few hours (or 15 minutes, which is all I need it for). So I got to thinking. This thing is actually pretty simple: it’s a flat bed with sharp nails connected to a long pole for leverage. Hey, I can make that! So twenty minutes later I had my makeshift knee kicker and the carpet was duly stretched over the new nail strip. Halfway through the process I couldn’t help but grin at my creativity. Clever me. 🙂

Studio Construction

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Home stretch. Today I painted the new floor trim and stained the small wooden trim pieces around the doors. As soon as the floor trim is dry enough to move (tomorrow?) I’ll paint the doors and start working on the iso booth attic door.

In the meantime I think I’m going to dig out the sewing machine and teach myself to sew. One more week?

I also just added a “Studio Construction” category so I can track this stuff and it doesn’t get buried in the generic “Woodworking” category.

Wally Schirra

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Apollo Astronaut Walter Schirra died today.

Because the History Books Aren’t Public Enough

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Had this random thought while waking up this morning. Imagine a big marble monument by the side of the road. Something obvious and public and very, very visible. On this monument, every two years, you carve the names of the current president of the U.S., the current Speaker of the House, and the Pres. of the Senate. You also carve the names of the minority party leaders. Next to each you have a big empty space.

If, at the end of their terms, the individual leaders have not solved social security, you carve a big fat FAILED next to their names. This monument would stand for all time (well, the next 10,000 years). In 2065, the retirees born in 2000 would know that in the year 2007, the leaders George Bush, Nancy Pelosi, et. al., were more concerned about short term political gain for their party than they were about doing the people’s business. Their legacies would be a big fat FAILED literally carved in stone in the public square. Conversely, what better draw to the self-absorbed political mind, than the prospect of SUCCESS on display for all the world to see?

And the opposition party, who stands to “lose” if their political opponents get the credit, would be able to share the glory or ignominy. Big problems of the people like social security would once again become the focus.

So. Anybody have a big chunk of land inside the beltway they want to donate?

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