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May 7, 2007

Studio Construction

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Finished painting the floor trim today. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the window tinting. I’m thiiiiiis close to calling the construction phase completed! Pics in a week or two.

Next I have to design and build the gear rack. It’ll look something like this:


except I think I’m going to install cherry trim around the front edges. I have to calculate how many spaces I need (plus some for future growth) and make it to those specs. I’m going to disassemble my current desk and cannibalize it for parts (mainly the rack rails, which are out-of-proportion expensive when you buy them individually). The most expensive part will be the black laminate and contact cement. I already have a big chunk of MDF on the stock rack in the shop. I think between that and some leftover plywood I’m looking pretty good for supplies. I still have to get some casters, though. No way on earth will that rack slide once it’s full of gear.

And speaking of gear, I unearthed the equipment that’s been sitting fallow for two months and did a full inventory. I’ve been meaning to make a database of all my equipment with serial numbers and power requirements for a long time. Insurance would appreciate it if something ever happened to the house. I need the power requirements so that I know how much will be plugged into the circuits. I’ve been thinking that I might be up against the capacity of the 15 amp circuit, but I’m way off. All together, the total power draw of everything I plan on plugging into that circuit is less than 3 amps. Of course, that’s not under load. We’ll see what the startup requirements are. Some electronics (amps in particular) can require 1000% of nominal working electricity during startup. If this happens I’ll have to stage my startups by spreading them out across several power strips. Luckily I have three or four good rackmount power supplies lurking about.

Hello, I’m a Mac

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A whole slew of new Mac ads.

Studio Construction

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Well, that was a disaster. Against my better judgement, I took the advice of a few people and used those small rollers to paint my doors. I spent an extra $10 and bought penetrol, which is used to help oil-based paint flow better. After carefully painting the doors with the roller I stood back and looked at the results. Terrible. There are horrible streak marks and really awful orange peel mottling on the face of both doors. I’m really disgusted. Shouldn’t have taken that advice after all. Now I have to live with sucky looking doors. Grumble.

I’m really pissed about this because those doors cost me over $300 and now they look like a child with finger paints got ahold of them. It seems like most of the time when I’ve taken advice from the inexperienced folks around me (which can include Home Depot workers) the results have been less than satisfactory (or just plain terrible).
I’m gonna go soak my head to try and cool off.


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I’ve been having some issues with OS X lately and am about to go crazy. The latest symptom (and there have been many): all of my podcasts in iTunes have vanished. I have about a dozen podcasts I follow. Each day iTunes dutifully downloads the latest and then puts them on the iPod when I sync. I went to sync today and iTunes opened up. No podcasts. Even the old podcasts I hadn’t listened to yet were gone. The entire podcast window in iTunes is blank and iTunes complains that “Podcasts on the iPod “Walkabout” cannot be synced because all of the podcasts selected for syncing no longer exist.” Well DUH. They no longer exist because you have spontaneously decided to nuke them all.

So now I have to go back and remember what they all were and resubscribe to them in iTunes. I still have no guarantee that it wont happen again. I had a similar thing happen last week when iTunes decided to wipe my entire 30gb iPod. I hadn’t changed any settings or altered anything in the program. I just plugged the iPod in and iTunes nuked it happily. Luckily it hasn’t erased all of my music off the hard drive yet. This stinks.

Oh, and I just noticed that all of my playlists are gone. Thanks, iTunes.

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