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May 7, 2007


Filed under: Mac OS X Crashes — jasony @ 9:23 am

I’ve been having some issues with OS X lately and am about to go crazy. The latest symptom (and there have been many): all of my podcasts in iTunes have vanished. I have about a dozen podcasts I follow. Each day iTunes dutifully downloads the latest and then puts them on the iPod when I sync. I went to sync today and iTunes opened up. No podcasts. Even the old podcasts I hadn’t listened to yet were gone. The entire podcast window in iTunes is blank and iTunes complains that “Podcasts on the iPod “Walkabout” cannot be synced because all of the podcasts selected for syncing no longer exist.” Well DUH. They no longer exist because you have spontaneously decided to nuke them all.

So now I have to go back and remember what they all were and resubscribe to them in iTunes. I still have no guarantee that it wont happen again. I had a similar thing happen last week when iTunes decided to wipe my entire 30gb iPod. I hadn’t changed any settings or altered anything in the program. I just plugged the iPod in and iTunes nuked it happily. Luckily it hasn’t erased all of my music off the hard drive yet. This stinks.

Oh, and I just noticed that all of my playlists are gone. Thanks, iTunes.

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