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May 9, 2007

Studio Construction

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The doors are hung and sealed. Man, it’s amazing. When I close the booth door I have to pull fairly hard against the air cushion to get the door to close. Once it’s closed, *WHUMP*, great seal. And I haven’t even put up the second seal yet.

The main door is good as well. The only problem is that the room is so tight now, when the A/C is on the air going into the room has nowhere to escape to equalize. So it finds the weakest part of the room and exits there. Right now that weak point is the attic access door in the ceiling. I have to get up there and replace the 5 year old weathered seal. It’s amazing to think that the room is that tight.

I also cut the stock for the equipment cabinet and got it clamped up. I have to take it apart so I can laminate each piece. It’s great! Very nice size and shape with plenty of room for equipment and some nice hidden casters. I was surprised at how quickly it went together. It’ll slow down now, of course, as it takes a while to laminate the 7 pieces on both sides. Then I have to get the cherry (?) pieces to do the trim and the top piece. After that…. the desk!

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