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May 12, 2007

Studio Construction

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Aaaalright! The furniture is in progress! I spent yesterday and today cutting and laminating the stock for the equipment cabinet. That sucker is 5 feet tall and has room for 28 rack spaces. I’ll finish the front edges in lyptus (oil finish or poly) and put a solid lyptus top on it (it’ll look a lot like cherry grain on mahogany colored wood). Should be really beautiful and I think I’ll have it together tomorrow. Then I get to rewire the mixer.

Erin and I spent a few hours this morning looking at furniture. My hopes for a nice leather loveseat have been dashed since I can’t find anything in my tiny budget. I was looking at a couple of small chairs when I had a brainstorm. How about a bistro table or some sort of smallish work table with a pair of chairs? Obviously, the design and materials will have to be right, but smaller chairs put leather back on the menu, and I would love to have another work area in there (not just the main desk). This is all sort of up in the air right now, but I’m trying to hit that sweet spot between cost, size, and quality while also trying to define just what I want the new seating to accomplish. Hang out space? Client space? Look good? Comfortable? Still thinking on this.

By the way, how’s this for a chair?

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