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May 14, 2007

Studio Construction

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So I’m installing my pile of equipment into the new cabinet when I realize something… I don’t have enough room. There is a stack of equipment that I’ve stored away for several years. I don’t use it very often, but it would be nice to have handy, and the lights are a good addition; clients hear with their eyes after all.

Anyway, while I was deciding how to orient all of the equipment I realized that there was nowhere to put about 12 rack spaces worth of gear. I have a DAT player, a DA-38 digital 8 track (it’s much more modern than it sounds, the DA series was THE system to have in the 90’s for TV, film, and commercial production. Everyone has gone to hard disk based recording systems now, but I still can’t bring myself to sell the unit for the $200 or so it would get. I paid $2500 for it new and it has less than 10 hours of operation on it. Ouch. It remains my single biggest gear purchase “whoops”), a patchbay, a couple of reverb/fx units, a sampler, and a few other things. I’m afraid I might have to spend a few days making another, smaller, version of the equipment cabinet I just built. This one could sit under the mixer. I’m going back and forth on this. I could just stick the stuff back in the closet, or I could sell the stuff (for pennies on the dollar). Of course, if I build the case I’ll have a nice box full of stuff I don’t need and never use. But it would give me room to grow. I’m over capacity now and the extra space would provide some ventilation.

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