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May 17, 2007

Studio Construction

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I spent all day today wiring up the studio. First, I took about two hours to route and neatly tie off all of my power cables (about 20), then I had to route them so they won’t interfere with the audio signals. Next I hooked all the midi cables up, which was pretty easy to do since I’m forgoing the midi return bus. I don’t really need it and it does add to the cable mess something fierce. I then spent a few hours labeling the dozens and dozens of audio cables and constructing a makeshift snake using twist ties and pipe cleaners. I now have a massive cable trunk with all of my wires. It’s nice and neat but about 15 feet longer than I need it to be. I think I’m going to fasten some kind of hook on the wall behind the equipment cabinet so the cable trunk loops can hang on the hook. This way I will have achieved what I was beginning to think what was impossible in such a limited space: total audio/electrical signal separation. If it works out there won’t be a single instance of a power cable crossing, touching, or coming within several inches of an audio or midi cable. Truly signal nirvana.

Unfortunately, I can’t finish hooking up the audio cables until the mixer is in place, and I can’t put the heavy mixer in place until I run the wires through the wall, and I can’t do that until my special order cables get here (the pair of 30′ Midi cables and my special 25′ serial cable). I’m tracking them via DHL and UPS’s websites, but it may be saturday or monday before they arrive. So in the meantime I’m going to turn my attention to the big desk pillar/storage unit, desktop rack enclosures, and the desktop itself. A few more days in the shop should see all of those pieces built just in time to bring the last few pieces together.

Erin and I went to Target tonight and found some very nice leather seating on sale. Still pretty expensive but just barely within the budget I had set. Still not 100% sure, but they’re the best thing so far. I still might be convinced to go with some sort of table arrangement in there. We’re going to check out this place tomorrow. If we don’t find something there I think I’ll apply for (and immediately cancel) the Target card to save 10% on those chairs.

Give Him a Hand

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Is there nothing Dean Kamen and Co. can’t do? Fast forward to 2:10 to see what I mean. They did this in two years.


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Congratulations to Kathy!

Water Toy

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This looks cool.

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