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May 19, 2007

Mentos Magic

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Lots and lots of Diet Coke and Mentos in a massive self-sustaining chain reaction. Cool!

Fair Use

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If you read or care about the state of copyright in our world, watch this incredible mashup.


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Erin and I spent the day (literally all 12 hours from 8am to 8pm) working in the backyard doing some much needed yardwork. We put down 150 feet of that weedblock stuff in the 4′ wide flowerbeds along our fence and then followed that with 40 bags of mulch. At 50 pounds per bag, I moved literally one ton of hardwood mulch by myself! We also planted a couple of plants (2 flame acanthus, 1 lantana camara, and a crepe myrtle sapling) and I laid another 150 feet of wire for the robomower (the old stuff broke somehow a few weeks ago). What a day! But it looks fantastic out there. After our work was done we both sat at the bistro table on the porch and toasted our hard work.

I had a nice little American Beauty bag-in-the-wind moment when I was out watching the robomower do its thing. I looked up and saw a lone bubble, of all things, make its way over our fence, dance around our yard for a bit, and then float over the fence and go about its way. There were no more bubbles anywhere but it was the strangest, funniest moment of the day. I think probably some neighborhood kid blew the bubble down our street somewhere and for some reason this one held together long enough to pay me a visit.

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