The Big Think

May 21, 2007


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Honor is a concept widely derided and discarded today. But honor is really nothing more than your personal credit rating. It is a statement of your character, and like credit, honor has leverage. It can move large numbers of people: elevate them, raise their spirits and their expectations of themselves. Honor and Courage and Character are beacons in the darkness; they draw all manner of people toward their light. Most people want to be good, to be brave, to be useful. They just need to be shown the way sometimes. And the only way to create such beacons to light our path is to commit to becoming one yourself.

Good words from Bill Whittle.

Studio Construction

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Chairs! We have chairs!

We went back to Target yesterday on an unrelated errand and discovered that the leather chairs I had been eyeing had been put on sale! I had resigned myself to waiting for six months until they reduced the price, and living with the empty spot in the studio, when lo and behold they went and dropped the price by $80 each. I applied for a Target card (which will be summarily canceled) and saved a bunch of money.

So one big step in the final process has been finished. The two leather seats are assembled and sitting in the studio. They look great, though they need a bit of breaking time to soften up- the cushions are rather hard! But judging from how comfortably squishy the displays were at Target it shouldn’t be too long before they start to get that broken in feeling.

Today I start the trim out of the desk support pillars and build the rack boxes for the top of the desk. I’m trying madly to finish things since I have some work ready when it’s together (sorry Patrick! I’m going as fast as I can!)

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