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May 25, 2007

Creation Incarnation

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I’ve noticed over the last week of shop time, and the past four years of serious woodworking in general, that my shop skills have improved dramatically. I’m much faster now (when I’m not thinking and pondering), and yet I feel that I’m actually getting safer as I get to know my tools better. I’m more efficient in my movement around the shop and seem to have developed some subconscious work habits that help me move things right along. Often I’ll find myself unplugging and moving a tool without realizing why, only to discover the tool in just the right spot for a later step. Little things like that. There is still a lot of wasted movement, but overall I seem to be getting much more efficient at maneuvering around in the space, and in being able to build stuff with minimal energy expended. Now I can focus on what has to be built instead of how it has to be done. It’s akin to how it feels to play a song over and over again, or how it is when your brain finally ‘gets’ typing and you don’t think about where the keys are. Eventually the mechanics of the motions become subconscious and you start to focus on a higher level of creativity. Often I find myself smiling or even laughing out loud that I am able to take something as rough looking as raw lumber and plywood and make real what has only existed in my imagination. What a privilege!

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