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May 30, 2007

Studio Construction

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Spent today constructing the microphone cabinet for the corner under the desk. Lots of cutting, laminating, and finishing. I also built the cable run for the back of the desktop. Now all of the cables can run invisibly behind the desk. Very slick! After I was done Greg and I moved the massive desktop up to the studio from the shop. It weighs about 150 pounds and is 80 inches by 100 inches in a giant L-shape. It was really difficult to move the thing up the narrow staircase and through the doors (which, last time I checked, were definitely not 100 inches tall), but we managed to get the beast upstairs and leaned against the wall. What a pain! That thing isn’t moving any time soon, and I pity the movers who will move it back down one day.

I got the desk pillars sanded and oiled and they’re beautiful. They’ll both get moved up (along with the mic cabinet) once the doors are completed. Tomorrow I get to mill up the stock for the doors and trim on the mic cabinet, pull the cables through the walls, and learn how to wire up a Cat 5 ethernet panel with 6 jacks.

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