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June 2, 2007

Studio Construction

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Major progress! Our friend Greg (and his black lab Leeloo) stayed with us this past week> This was really fortunate since there was some major backbreaking moving to do. I finished building the desktop and we moved it upstairs (it’s probably 150+lbs). We also moved the end pillars and the corner mic cabinet. The desk is assembled!

Before the desk went in, Greg and I spent a few hours carefully tinting the windows, so that job is done. It looks really nice and will keep the room much cooler. Greg and Erin helped me pull the cable bundles through the wall and we moved the mixer into final position. When we were done I stood back and took a look at the final physical layout of the room. This is it! This is how the room will feel from now on. I was quite a moment to see the fruit of all my labor (now at 400+ hours of work) come together. There’s still a bit left- I have to build the cabinet and iso booth attic doors as well as install the Auralex in the booth. Oh, and I have to install the secondary sound stripping (weather stripping) on the door frames.

Today I’m cleaning up the library, moving the rest of the equipment in, and wiring up the mixer. I’m also moving my computer out of its exile on the kitchen table and into the desk.

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