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June 3, 2007


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There’s an ongoing discussion online about the current lack of hand tool skills among a certain generation:

some people I knew were building a three-level stage at a Ren-fair somewhere back east. Lots of local volunteers, almost none of whom could do anything with tools, including measure: they told one guy they needed a piece of plywood 48×60″, and he(and those around him) couldn’t figure out how to get that out of a 4×8′ sheet.

In related news: the studio is almost done (and I really mean it this time). I have to build three doors for the cabinets and a simple door (with paint) for the booth attic, plus put up some auralex and it’s finished. I’m sitting at my new desk right now typing this and it feels grand. Just Grand. The tinted windows and blackout curtains make an enormous difference in the heat that comes into the room. It still gets warm with all the equipment running at cruise, but it’s not the sauna it used to be. Should be interesting in the winter.

I tested out the new cabling yesterday and it all works flawlessly! No ground loops or weird audio gremlins, and so far the extra long midi cables don’t seem to introduce timing problems (which can happen on occasion). I’m still getting used to the physical layout, but I love the way the space feels. Erin and I traded time in the booth last night speaking into my new mic. Even without the Auralex in there the booth sounds pretty good. It’s not 100% soundproof, as I knew it wouldn’t be. If somebody outside the booth speaks, the new mic is sensitive enough to pic it up at high levels and play it back through the headphones, so that it’s actually easier to listen to someone talk outside the booth with the cans on than it is to take them off and strain to hear. I’ll need to watch my monitor levels outside the booth but I kind of anticipated that. The low frequencies get through somewhat, but that’s to be expected.

I hung the diamond shaped auralex panels today as well as allfive of my signedastronautphotographs. My favorite one is hanging front and center in the cutout above my computer monitor. It’ll be replaced once I get a 32″ flat panel HD monitor (once they drop in price a bit more), but for now it’s a great centerpiece.

I should be able to open the Glenlivet and toast a completed studio by the end of the week!

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