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June 8, 2007


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So now that I’m almost finished with the studio (see the post below) I finally got to do some actual work in it today. I spent about 3 hours putting together a big orchestration for a project I’ve been hired to do. It was a good test run for the studio and I have to say that it was a huge success. All those hours thinking about my workspace needs and space issues came to fruition. The new studio is everything I wanted it to be. The only thing it lacks is the second monitor (and the space for it). I think I’m going to do some minor fiddling with the space here to try and gracefully shoehorn one into the space. While working in Finale I had 25 measures and about a dozen staves visible at one time at 75% magnification. It was great but I had to cover up the score with all kinds of windows and menus. A second monitor would be much appreciated.

I’m thrilled to have all this ROOOOOM on my desktop, too. Can’t wait to show y’all the pictures.

Studio Construction

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No, it’s not done, but that’s only because I refuse to call it “done” until every door is made and hung and every last bit of touch up is done. Otherwise it becomes the same kind of finished project that lives on, zombie-like, not quite finished but still ambling about on its putrid stumps.

Okay, bad comparison. But I still don’t want to say “it’s done” until there’s nothing left to, you know, do. The rest of the Auralex came in the magic Amazon Brown Van today and I installed it in the booth. Tres Bien. The booth stinks of industrial chemicals as the foam panels outgas their noxious fumes. Erin asked me if there was anything harmful in the Auralex panels and I told here they were made of the finest asbestos and pesticides. I’m a funny one, I am. The booth is so airtight that it doesn’t matter how long I let them hang. If I don’t open the door the fumes just get thicker and thicker. I’m sure one day soon the door will bulge out until it breaks off its hinges and the window will shatter from the pressure of the putrid vapors. But at least with the door closed I can’t smell the stinky stuff. I was going to open the door and set a fan up to shoot the fumes out the window, but that would waste the A/C, but wait! I installed an exterior weather sealed door as the main studio door! So if I shut the a/c vent and close the outside door I can treat the room like it’s outside and it won’t hurt anything (except for letting the ants in the window). I like that idea. Sort of a fake-out to Mother Nature- you can come in… not! Ah, hang it, I think I’ll let the fumes accumulate and stick a match in the booth in a few days to see if they’re flammable.

Three cabinet doors and one attic door to go- all in various stages of construction. And then, then it’s Done.

But Can We Power it With a ZPM?

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The new 128 bit file system architecture from Sun known as “zfs” is big. Really big. Really, really big. A 128 bit addressing space allows us to access and keep track of a LOT of data. How much? More than we’ll ever need. Trust me on that.

Okay, don’t trust me. Read this article instead. If you stacked 300gb hard disks over the entire surface of the Earth to a depth of 2.5 million miles, you would just be touching the extent of the address space. To power this many drives would take the perfect conversion of all the planet’s oceans to energy. This would provide enough power for 4 months.

Plus, ZFS has other cool things like automatic Raid arrays and storage pooling-where you just toss another drive in and that goes into the “pool” of available space transparently. Any way you look at it, ZFS looks freaking amazing. And it’s rumored to be coming to OS X.

more here.

Sewing for Guys

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Curbly has a good post today about sewing for guys. Best line: “If Rosie can Rivet, then we can sew”. But points off for missing out on the alliterative “then Steve can Sew”.

I had my first experience with the sewing machine a few weeks ago when I made the curtains for my studio. They’re not perfect (there’s a bit of stretch and pucker if you look really closely), but I’m tremendously proud of them. They fit the space perfectly and I was able to pick out my own fabric and blackout material. I spent slightly more on them than I would have if I had bought off the shelf (about 20% more, I think), but they’re soooo much better. Plus, I get to point to them and say “I made that”.

I think sewing skills are something that every Maker should have in his or her bag of tricks, and I intend to break out the machine more and add to my repertoire. Plus, watching the machine make these incredibly intricate stitches is a thing to behold.


Current Reading

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Just finished Paycheck by Philip K. Dick. It’s a collection of his short stories and includes the one that the Affleck/Thurman movie was based on. I’d never read any of his stuff directly and this was a good chance to get the straight stories without the interference of the movie adapters.

Fun stuff. I especially liked Dick’s thoughts on science fiction at the intro to the book.

Next Book

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Here’s a book I’d really like to read.

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