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June 8, 2007

Sewing for Guys

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Curbly has a good post today about sewing for guys. Best line: “If Rosie can Rivet, then we can sew”. But points off for missing out on the alliterative “then Steve can Sew”.

I had my first experience with the sewing machine a few weeks ago when I made the curtains for my studio. They’re not perfect (there’s a bit of stretch and pucker if you look really closely), but I’m tremendously proud of them. They fit the space perfectly and I was able to pick out my own fabric and blackout material. I spent slightly more on them than I would have if I had bought off the shelf (about 20% more, I think), but they’re soooo much better. Plus, I get to point to them and say “I made that”.

I think sewing skills are something that every Maker should have in his or her bag of tricks, and I intend to break out the machine more and add to my repertoire. Plus, watching the machine make these incredibly intricate stitches is a thing to behold.


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