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June 8, 2007

Studio Construction

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No, it’s not done, but that’s only because I refuse to call it “done” until every door is made and hung and every last bit of touch up is done. Otherwise it becomes the same kind of finished project that lives on, zombie-like, not quite finished but still ambling about on its putrid stumps.

Okay, bad comparison. But I still don’t want to say “it’s done” until there’s nothing left to, you know, do. The rest of the Auralex came in the magic Amazon Brown Van today and I installed it in the booth. Tres Bien. The booth stinks of industrial chemicals as the foam panels outgas their noxious fumes. Erin asked me if there was anything harmful in the Auralex panels and I told here they were made of the finest asbestos and pesticides. I’m a funny one, I am. The booth is so airtight that it doesn’t matter how long I let them hang. If I don’t open the door the fumes just get thicker and thicker. I’m sure one day soon the door will bulge out until it breaks off its hinges and the window will shatter from the pressure of the putrid vapors. But at least with the door closed I can’t smell the stinky stuff. I was going to open the door and set a fan up to shoot the fumes out the window, but that would waste the A/C, but wait! I installed an exterior weather sealed door as the main studio door! So if I shut the a/c vent and close the outside door I can treat the room like it’s outside and it won’t hurt anything (except for letting the ants in the window). I like that idea. Sort of a fake-out to Mother Nature- you can come in… not! Ah, hang it, I think I’ll let the fumes accumulate and stick a match in the booth in a few days to see if they’re flammable.

Three cabinet doors and one attic door to go- all in various stages of construction. And then, then it’s Done.

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