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June 13, 2007

Tech Update

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Not that you care, but for the internet archives.

I did a google search and discovered that the “Illegal name” issue was due to an Illustrator file. I had installed Illustrator last night and it installed a folder called “legal.txt” or something. In that folder were a bunch of localized files for czech, german, italian, etc. The file name on the vietnamese file had some illegal characters that caused OS X’s Disk Utility to freak out. Tossing the whole folder and emptying the trash fixed the problem. I ran Disk Utility (from another OS X partition) and it cleaned up the mess.

I don’t get the “Illegal file” error any more, but I still have that annoying 128 MEGAbyte partition cluttering up my desktop. Are there any cool Unix commands I can use to permanently disable or unmount an unwanted partition? I’d rather do this than reformat the whole drive and start over.


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Barry blogs about his 40th birthday and a very fine bottle of port. Yes, indeed. Very fine.

Don’t Let Me Near Technology Today

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I’m at the end of a three day computer rebuild. My old system was giving me all sorts of problems (random lockups, much slowness, etc) and it’s been a few years since I’ve raked the thing down to raw metal and rebuilt it. When I do a rebuild I generally do it from the ground up instead of one of the quick and easy ways that you can do it. This way, all the pref files are new and there’s no way for the old problems to crop back up again.

Which doesn’t mean new ones can’t appear.

The system is up and running but I’m starting to see odd behavior that I can’t fix. I wiped one of the drives and made it my new boot drive, installed OS X on it, and got everything working. It worked great this morning but I started to see some little weirdnesses when I tried to install OS 9 onto my new business partition. For one thing, the software refused to install. I believe its exact words were “Can’t install on this computer. Please see documentation”. Gee, thanks. So I gave that up and booted back into X to Carbon Copy Clone my old work partition over. I’m not crazy about this since I’ll essentially be using a 4 year old system, with all its accumulated detritus, to run my business. I’d much rather start afresh, but when the system refuses to even install I don’t have much choice.

When I booted back into X I ran Disk Utility and noticed the the new drive suddenly had a 128mb ghost partition called “Uluru”- the name of the old partition that was on that drive. That’s weird. I had wiped that partition before creating the two new ones. And only 128mb? How useless is that? The undead “Uluru” partition was greyed out in Disk Utility and the only way I could access it was to erase it and make it a mountable partition. Now I have a useless 128mb stub hanging out my desktop.

To make matters worse, when I ran ‘verify disk’ in Disk Utility on my main OS X partition, I got an “Illegal Name” error and the dire warning that the disk needed to be repaired. Naturally, Disk Utility couldn’t repair it. Sigh.

So I’m at a brick wall here. I’m going to try and reboot into my old old old original drive, which is still around, and try to fix things from there. If that doesn’t work, the only recourse I can see is to go buy another new hard drive and start this whole farce all over again, this time using a known wiped drive. This really sucks.

If anybody out there has seen behavior like this or can offer advice, I’d appreciate an email. Something other than “OS X isn’t supposed to do that”, which is the most common frustrating advice I’ve been getting lately.

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